The Frohne eClip Flash Drive Stores Files and Fulfills Additional Needs

 - Jul 11, 2012
References: frohneusa & tuvie
As proven by the Frohne eClip, flash drive technology has reached a sufficiently sophisticated point where supplementary features can be integrated into the design of the tiny gadgets. This particular example functions as an effective 8GB USB drive but boasts the tangible ability to be a pocket ruler and a paper clip.

The FrohneUSA item can measure small objects of up to 23 millimeters along one of its straight sides. Doctors, engineers and designers would likely make good use of this practical aspect. Additionally, a flexible hook molded out of the casing material suffices to fasten the Frohne eClip to the edge of pockets, to keychains and to bits of paper. Security software ensures that the information you've stored on your thumbdrive will be for your eyes only.