Mixit.ca's Healthy Fruit Toppings are Delivered in Convenient Cylinders

 - Feb 22, 2017
References: mixit
As well as offering a range of healthy pre-mixed cereals by the tube, Mixit.ca is now launching a collection with custom freeze-dried fruits. This includes an antioxidant-rich Savory Crispy Fruit blend of raspberries, strawberries, apples and bananas, a mix of heart-healthy Strawberry & Banana and a low-calorie combination of Strawberry & Raspberry to satisfy one's sweet tooth in a guilt-free manner.

Freeze-dried fruits are reported to be low in calories and sugar, yet high in fiber and antioxidants, as well as nutrient-rich just like fresh fruits.

As the Montreal-based company delivers a number of these tubes with nuts, grains and seeds in them, they are perfect for mixing and matching to create one's perfect breakfast or snack bowl either at home or on the go.