The Rolling Meadow Free-Range Eggs are Locally Pastured

A shift towards more natural foods and products is evident with a number of different consumer demographics, so the Rolling Meadow Free-Range Eggs come as a welcome addition to the supermarket. Launched by Canada-based brand GreenSpace Brands, the eggs are locally pastured and come from free-range Amish farms. A commitment to only the finest quality eggs is seeing the initial rollout of the eggs taking place in the greater Toronto area with retailers including Pusateri's and Loblaws.

The Rolling Meadow Free-Range Eggs are described by GreenSpace Brands CEO, Matthew von Teichman, when he said, "The launch of Rolling Meadow eggs was a natural next step for our brand. We believe pastured eggs from small family farms fits perfectly with our philosophy of providing Canadians with better versions of simple ingredient products."