The Free Gluten Tank Objects to the Latest Diet Craze

 - Oct 8, 2014
References: kiddangerous & shop.nylon
The Free Gluten tank by Kid Dangerous advocates for the rights of your favorite starchy protein. The hilarious shirt features a pizza slice and piece of toast behind bars.

The newest, trendiest diet on the block is the gluten-free regime. Women everywhere are denying themselves the deliciousness of pizza, pasta and beer, and giving gluten a bad name in the process. Hasn't anyone ever heard the phrase "everything in moderation"?

Well, gluten has been put in the corner for far too long! It's time to bust out your elastic-waist pants and get over this gluten-free nonsense once and for all. Wear the Free Gluten tank by Kid Dangerous as a form of protest; at the very least, no one will ask for gluten-free-anything in your presence.