FrecciaMela by ApiuPiu Design is a Wall-Mounted Arrow for Holding Apples

 - Jun 13, 2011
References: apiupiudesign & dornob
The norm may be to store your bananas and pears in a fruit bowl of some description, but FrecciaMela by ApiuPiu Design serves up an unusual symbol for succulent food storage.

The quirky wall-mounted quarrel takes the form of a distorted dart. It incorporates the pointed tip and angled vanes, but the typically straight shaft has been warped with the shapes of four semicircular indentations. The entire piece is installed at a small distance from the surface of the wall to create little nooks for the placement of fruit. The bowed notches in the contraption have been made large enough to accommodate most spherical foods, and when in use, FrecciaMela by ApiuPiu Design takes on the delightfully unexpected role of culinary art.