The Frankie Store's Furniture Fit Together Like a Complex Puzzle

 - Sep 29, 2016
References: & wired
Though the Frankie store in Los Angeles is dedicated to clothing design, the store's most interesting design feature might very well be its furniture. Designed and built by local firm Bureau Spectacular, the furniture's seemingly random geometrical protrusions actually combine to form a set of bleacher-like stairs.

The puzzling furniture consists of nine different units, including display shelves for Frankie' s clothing, fitting rooms for the clientele, and storage space. Due to the size and shape of the assembled staircase, some of these pieces are massive while others are much smaller.

Aside from the impressively complex furniture, Bureau Spectacular also designed Frankie's facade. The paint job on the front of the build is a series of aggressively angled black streaks on a stark white background, a reference to the comic books that Jiminez Lai, Bureau Spectacular's founder, read as a child.