This Abstract Visionary Art Depicts the Structure of the Universe

These fractal mandalas depict the structure of our universes as described by the various metaphysical systems. Mandalas and fractals (i.e trees) have always been used in religious art to depict the universe, which surrounds us like a mandala, and appears similar at all levels like a fractal. These fractal mandalas combine both to create the ultimate metaphysical art, which is both highly abstract and visionary.

Among others, the fractal mandalas depict yin and yang, the four elements, the I Ching, the Tetractys, and the geomantic figures. These mandalas were first hand-drawn, and then recreated digitally down to the pixel to ensure maximum precision.

The fractal mandalas are available as 10" or 24" screen prints on top quality tree-free hemp and bamboo paperboard, and would make an elegant addition to any wall.