Gustaf Lilliestierna's Fractal Artwork is a Strange Look at Repetition

 - Sep 12, 2013
References: artnau & juxtapoz
The fractal artwork of Gustaf Lilliestierna has a surreal feel that plays with the idea of repetitive images. The Swedish artist is able create brilliant paintings by painstakingly reproducing the same image. The outcome is a pattern that's akin to a kaleidoscope.

The color work that Lilliestierna does has a powerful effect on the paintings. The stark and faded look that he instills aids the dark theme that's depicted. If you analyze each image, it will become apparent that each of the individuals painted has an empty expression. The combining of so many different similar themed aspects makes for an awe-inspiring series.

Fractal art is rarely ever seen in a paintings, so Lilliestierna is definitely an artist pushing the boundaries. How he combines traditional and digital mediums works incredibly well for this project.