Twinings' 'Forget-tea-not' Mug Alerts Drinkers When Their Tea is Ready

 - Dec 14, 2016
References: twinings
Twinings' 'Forget-tea-not' mug is a morning solution for a surefire way to spoil one's morning: a cold cup of tea. The prototype is embedded with a special temperature sensor that alerts tea-drinkers when their cuppa is at the perfect temperature.

According to Twinings, nearly three quarters of British people have a cup of tea as their first drink in the day, and a third of those people make it first thing in the morning. However, more than 20 percent admit to regularly forgetting about their tea amid the chaos of the morning and letting it go cold. Considering that mornings tend to have tight time frames for most working folks, there usually isn't time to make a new cup.

Twinings Forget-tea-not mug uses technology to solve the problem. The mug comes with a temperature sensor embedded in the bottom. When tea reaches the ideal temperature of 68 degrees centigrade, the mug plays a rendition of 'Bing! Bang! Bong!'