Warriors in Pink 2008 Mustang For Breast Cancer

 - Aug 13, 2007
References: media.ford
Ford Motors is joining forces with breast cancer researchers to release a limited edition Mustang GT later this summer. The auto manufacturers are hoping that their latest marketing approach will capture more female drivers.

Now a lot of guys are probably thinking, "A pink Mustang? A Mustang for women? But a Mustang is a guy's car. It's an ego-enhancing, testosterone-boosting man's machine." Sorry boys, not anymore. Unless you want your muscle car's interior laden with pink stitching and a gorgeous rosy ribbon wrapped around the entire body.

To raise awareness, Ford is selling the Warriors in Pink Mustangs with part of the proceeds going toward the Susan G Komen for the Cure foundation, an organization Ford has donated $87 million to in the past.

Right now, most Mustang buyers are men going through their midlife crisis. According to J.D. Power's Mustang demographics, 70% are male, and 55% are over 56 years old. Not that it matters, but they also watch CSI, Law and Order, walk for exercise and go to movies.

So are these guys going to use their Warriors to woo young chicks, impressing them with their sensitive sides? Or is Ford confident that the new campaign could pick up that 30% female demographic by appealing more to the ladies?

The Cancer blog posted commented on the campaign:

"Not everyone likes the idea of a Mustang marketed at women, says analyst Erich Merkle of IRN Inc. in Grand Rapids who adds that the Mustang is an iconic brand based on a special mix of speed and testosterone. Ford should not mess with success, he believes."