The Force-Sensing Lamps Illuminates in Response to Weight Placed Atop

 - Apr 22, 2014
References: kebeili & psfk
The Force-Sensing Lamps boast deceptively minimalist designs. They take on simple geometric shapes with a generous surface that allows people to place a number of objects on top of them. It is the weight of these objects that determine how brightly the Force-Sensing Lamps shine. The heavier the weight, the brighter the light.

Designed by Kebei Li, an industrial designer and Rhode Island School of Design student, the Force-Sensing Lamps are an experimentation of sorts. The Rhode Island-based designer writes, "[T]he lamps are intended to study people’s adaptability to ambiguous or even flawed systems and objects. It is important to notice that, many existing designs and systems are not optimized for human use." They are currently up on Craigslist for adoption.