'Football Cops' Eases the Pain of the NFL Lockout with Laughter

 - Jun 24, 2011
References: directv
I am convinced that Peyton Manning will have a successful acting/television broadcasting career once he leaves the NFL after watching the trailer for 'Football Cops.' 'Football Cops' is a hilarious spoof trailer made by DirecTV starring Peyton and his little brother (also a professional NFL quarterback) Eli as former quarterbacks turned crime fighters.

As the 'Football Cops,' the Manning brothers use their prowess with the pig skin to both catch and kill criminals. Trust me when I say this football fans, but Eli Manning's greatest throw ever may be the one that goes straight into the chest of the bad guy in this video. This video won't end the NFL lockout, but it will help to ease the pain until the start of the next season.