Elie Ayrouth, Publisher of Food News Site Foodbeast

 - Mar 17, 2015
References: foodbeast
Foodbeast is a cutting edge food news website that is also an information and entertainment source since 2008. They have a goal of showcasing the newest food ideas, products and innovative recipes in a way that is utterly unpretentious.

8 Questions with Elie Ayrouth:

1) How do you reset to be creative?
Hit the beach. Sometimes I get lost at my desk, so I clean a bit, head out to the beach, then come back and my desk is clean and I'm refreshed.

2) What motivates you?
Successful, humble people. I love to learn, so hearing from people who genuinely talk about their experience without fluff is always inspiring. I always come back to my grind way more motivated after talking to genuine people.

3) What is the biggest challenge you face?
Enjoying myself, friends and family. I don't have a problem working hard, it's when you don't work smart and letting it eat into your 'life' time that is the challenge.

4) What is your favorite way to interact with viewers of your site?
I love responding to Facebook messages and Instagram messages. Also I love Tweeting ridiculous things from the actual @Foodbeast account.

5) Are there any adjacent industries outside your own that you actively source for inspiration?
Tech is cool, but I'm a huge film and TV fan. I randomly get inspiration from the shows I'm watching and the films I see.

6) Where do you see the future of blogs heading?
Not sure -- I think they're in a safe place. The barrier to entry is so low, there are so many people with great ideas out there and unique voices. Elite Daily was a great story: couple dudes band together to create a younger version of the Huffington Post (who knew we needed to target a younger HuffPo?). They did it, succeeded and now their voice is worth a s*** ton.

7) What is the mission of your blog?
Be the ultimate leader in food media for the new generation (and the older one, we love everybody).

8) What makes your blog different?
Accessibility. We try to disseminate our content across all our platforms (website, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook) in a similar voice. We're not authorities on food; we're curious. It's that curiosity that allows us to speak with people and not down at them.