The Double Buffet Maximizes on Space By Serving Two Dishes at Once

 - Aug 26, 2016
References: berkkaplan.blogspot & yankodesign
For consumers that are constantly prepping large meals for events, friends and family, the Double Buffet food tray may be a helpful appliance to own that saves on space, but maximizes on food carrying capacity. This is thanks to two trays that stack above one another and share the heat, to provide multiple food options without having to occupy too much counter space.

The Double Buffet is a simplistic design that utilizes space by stacking the trays upwards, instead of horizontally. The layering of the dishes also allows the heat to pass upwards and be recycled to heat the top trays and keep other meals warm for longer. The trays are stacked in a serving unit that is set up like drawers to help eaters serve themselves faster as well.