The Bamboo Spark is Offers a Balance Between Hand Written Notes and Tech

 - Jan 31, 2016
References: wacom & thegadgetflow
The Bamboo Spark offers a seamless combination between tech and traditional forms of writing in a folio tablet holder that accommodates both styles. The holder opens up to allow a space for a portable tablet as well as a notepad so users can seamlessly switch between the two during meetings, brainstorm sessions and personal writing activities.

The folio offers a section on the lefthand size to hold a tablet, keeping it safe and protected during travel. The centre spin holds a ballpoint pen for convenience and the righthand side offers a large notepad for jotting down notes, ideas or sketches. Users can easily move between the two mediums while working.

As consumers transition from traditional forms of writing to more modern and tech-enabled ones, devices that offer a blending of the two styles accommodate a larger volume of consumer preferences.