The 'Flying Phantom' Catamaran Explores New Heights of Sailing

The Flying Phantom Catamaran is the first watercraft to bring the levitation experience to the commercial market. Rising up to two feet above the water, the Flying Phantom introduces new heights and speed in sailing, breaking free from the drags and weight of the water below.

With the help of a pair of hook-shaped hydrofoils, the catamaran rises entirely out of the water smoothly and in pure silence. Sailors who have been beaten down by choppy waves will find this particular craft to feel as much like a magic carpet ride as it looks. The 'T' shaped rudders provide both pitch and heave stability, and doesn't effect the craft's speed. W

ith meticulous attention to design and development, Mark Fischer and his team bring forth this gravity-defying watercraft that will undoubtedly start a revolution in the sailing world.