Virgin America Debuts "Red" Entertainment Aboard

 - Aug 2, 2007
References: gizmodo & radar.oreilly
To start with, every seat has 110v power, an Ethernet jack and USB ports; EVERY seat. Add to that the in-flight entertainment system called “Red” developed by Virgin and run over Linux servers giving passengers access to a 3,000 song mp3 library, satellite TV, movies, games and plane-wide chatting! That's right, you can hook up with someone right on the plane with direct passenger to passenger messaging. You can order food and drinks though the system and play Doom, so there's pretty much no reason to leave the plane.

Another cool feature is the "food hot" button - Your movie or game is minimized and you're able to select twhat you want from a list of food and drinks which you can add to your cart. You can pay by credit card and the flight attendants come by and bring you your order. Sweet!