Anders Brasch-Willumsen Draws Inspiration from Japanese Art

 - Feb 20, 2018
References: studiobrasch &
The stunningly beautiful fluid 3D installations by Danish artist Anders Brasch-Willumsen fool viewers with their abstract and voluminous composition. By skillfully utilizing spacial awareness, as well as experimentation with various textures, light sources and colorful nuances, Anders Brasch-Willumsen is able to create transcendental and fluid 3D sculptures that successfully incorporate and harmonize natural and industrial materials.

The Danish artist is strongly influenced by Mono-Ha— a 20th century Japanese art movement. Characterized by the relationship of naturally and man-made materials, the interdependence of the two spheres are represented and explored through amalgamation of sources and fabrics. With its fluid 3D design that is in conjunction with a thoughtfully curated negative space, the beautiful sculptural installations by Anders Brasch-Willumsen are bound to foster critical thought with regard to the harmonious existence of two fundamentally different spheres.

Image Credit: Studio Brasch