Lewis & Cruse Saves Your Special Flowers in a Unique Way

People all over the world spend billions every year buying flowers for special events and millions of women save flowers from those bouquets. After time, those special flowers dry, crumble and eventually get thrown away. With flower petal jewelry from Lewis & Cruse, you can now take those special flowers and wear them. This company takes your flowers, mixes them with a hardening agent and makes beautiful flower petal jewelry from your cherished flowers. As can be seen in the pictures, all beads are made with real flowers. Since drying flowers is the first stage of the process, fresh or dried flowers of any age can be used.

With flower petal jewelry, you no longer have to throw away your flowers or keep them between the pages of a book only to be forgotten about. The next time you have a memorable or special event in your life, remember to not only save your flowers, but have them created into a piece of flower petal jewelry that you can cherish forever.

Flower petal jewelry from Lewis & Cruse ensures you don't just save your flowers, but wear them!