Flower Garden by Vivienne Mok Divulges a Delicate Femininity

The boundaries between the subject and her surroundings are very hazing in Flower Garden by Vivienne Mok. The soft rose-tinted spreads feature delicate beauties Jone Vikauskaite and Anna Saminina amidst sets of floral wallpaper and textiles wearing silken diaphanous fabrics. But the main reason why there's such a consistency in aesthetics and mood throughout these exquisite images is because the photographer is also responsible for the styling, the hair and the makeup for this prepossessing photo shoot.

A gauzy haze coats the threshold between the viewer and the models within the youthful pictures, giving the series a surreal quality as if each spread is depicting a dream. Flower Garden by Vivienne Mok frames these dainty females, presenting the idea of an ethereal innocence.