These Floral Collages Feature Celeb and Model Subjects

 - May 12, 2015
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Marcelo Monreal's floral collages capture familiar actors and models and dissect their images digitally. The portraits include depictions of stars like Cara Delevigne, Christopher Walken and Blake Lively among others.

The Brazilian artist alters his star-studded imagery by dissecting it into fragments and by infusing these sliced elements with gorgeous flowers. The result is striking and inspiring to viewers of his work.

From cranium wreaths to floral collages that reveal bouquet-accented faces, this series is nothing short of extraordinary. Its imagery blends distorted facial features and flowers with bright background vignettes and is a contemporary translation of a surreal inspiration. Drawing inspiration from surrealist painters, this series re-translates the movement's signature aesthetic for a modern generation of art lovers.