The Flipside Mop Streamlines Cleaning with a Multitasking Design

 - Apr 18, 2013
References: quirky
A common cleaning practice is to first sweep the floor, and then to wipe it clean. The Flipside Mop + Broom makes the transition from one chore to the next a great deal more efficient because it incorporates the tools to carry out both of these actions in its clever design.

The Quirky-made product has a full set of bristles at the base of its large hinged head, allowing you to brush dust bunnies and miscellaneous scraps into a dustpan. With a long handle shaft, this can be done comfortably while standing. Once all of the loose stuff has been swept away with the sweeping side, bend the Flipside Mop + Broom over and make use of the detachable microfiber cloth.