Empire of the Clouds is a Striking Representation of Aviation Achievements

With extraordinary developments in aviation comes the rise of flight-inspired fashion. Inspired by the development in the design of aircrafts throughout history, fashion designer Sarah Buchanan created her dramatic collection Empire of the Clouds. Buchanan, a BA (honors) student of Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear at London College of Fashion, collaborated with fellow students Claire Kelly (surface textiles) and Georgina Howling (fashion jewelry) to create this unique collection. While celebrating and showcasing the remarkable development of aviation, the collection also aims to develop an understanding around the human fascination to do the impossible: to overcome the force of gravity and fly. 

The result is a futuristic and modern collection. Shimmering metallic strips are suspended around the body and are akin to futuristic propellers. Impressive shapes and structural lines reflect the remarkable machines that inspired the collection. Exploring the intrigue of aircraft, Empire of the Clouds highlights and celebrates the splendor of flight. The collection was awarded Most Successful 3-way Collaboration in a Graduate Showcase week for the BA13 Press Show Collection.