The Flexus Transformable Table Features a Touchscreen Surface and Stand

 - Apr 8, 2014
References: yankodesign
With the Flexus Transformable Table powered off, you might think that you're looking at an adaptable piece of furniture. While the object appears wonderfully practical by that assumption alone, the design suggests the integration of a tablet into the folding upper panels of the escritoire.

This concept by Gu A Reum demonstrates how a trestle and a touchscreen device can be brought together. The hi-tech furnishing could be space-saving and surfaceless in its stand-by mode, but as soon as somebody wants to use it, the ultrathin monitors can be flipped out and oriented according to the task at hand. The Flexus Transformable Table takes the form of a laptop to serve as a personal workstation; with the two halves of the display arranged level, the carrel acts as an upright presentation board and a horizontal brainstorming surface.