Samsung's 'Stripe' and 'Band' Batteries Make Wearables Last Longer

 - Oct 27, 2015
References: uk.businessinsider & ubergizmo
Samsung's two newest flexible batteries can bend any which way while providing a longer charge for smartwatches and paving the way for new wearable designs.

The 'Stripe' is the thinner of the two -- comparable to a thin piece of tape, the long battery is just 0.3 mm in thickness. While it is incredibly thin, the battery is actually more dense than a standard one. This means it could be incorporated into things like jewelry and lead to a wider design of wearables like necklaces and clothing.

The second of the flexible batteries is the 'Band,' made specifically to power smartwatches with an added 50% of battery life. This is an important breakthrough as smartwatches are so compact that their current battery life doesn't last more than a single day. Even more incredible, the Band can be bent 50,000 times and still function perfectly -- making it a durable enhancement for fitness bands and smartwatches as well.