Tim Bisschop's Het Westen Zilte Book Celebrates Ethnic Motifs

 - Feb 2, 2015
References: uitgeverijkannibaal.be & fubiz.net
Designer Tim Bisschop's 'Het Westen Zilte' pop-up book is an homage to Flemish culture and is published by Stijn Vanderhaeghe. The artistic book opens to reveal an arboreal design and is accented with the hidden homes and hillsides of a small city.

Illustrated in black-and-white tones, this pop-up book is a collector's item that graphic designers and artists will love. Celebrating Flemish culture, the published piece boasts a series of ethnic drawings, photographs and written works. The pop-up book is a compilation of Flemish writer and artist works, with Wim Opbrouck's paper sculpture as its focal point.

Whether you're a design lover, an art collector or of Flemish descent, order your limited edition copy of the book on the Uitgeverij Kannibaal web shop.