These Flavored Syrups Can Be Used to Customize Coffee at Home

'Hutchinson Acres' is now selling a line of flavored syrups that consumers can use to customize their coffee at home. While many people think of maple syrup as a condiment that is reserved for pancakes and waffles, the sweeteners is actually a highly versatile ingredient. These flavor-infused maple syrups are specially designed for enhancing coffee and other homemade dishes.

The new line of flavored syrups from Hutchinson Acres is called 'PURE' and it boasts five different flavor infusions. The line was created as part of a collaboration between Hutchinson Acres and prominent Nova Scotia chef Peter Dewar. Each flavor is designed to appeal to a different type of consumer, meaning some syrups are on the sweet side, while others boast a more spicy flavor profile. As chef Dewar explains, "the lavender and chai he created for the Starbucks crowd, the coffee drinker that wants all these different things in their coffee."

The line is ultimately designed to showcased the versatility of maple syrup and give consumers an unexpected option for customizing their coffee at home.