The Lomography Fisheye No 2 is Incredibly Gorgeous and Functional

When it comes to fisheye cameras, it is quite difficult to find a product that satisfies both technical requirements, as well as aesthetic desires. The latest release by Lomography, however, answers the plea of style-minded photographers. The Fisheye No 2 Caspian is a compact device that allows users to achieve a vintage feel. The camera boasts an angle range of 170 degrees, as well as some special features like long exposure, unlimited multiple exposures, as well as color gel filters.

The body of Lomography's product is gold-toned, creating a gorgeously elegant aesthetic that is distinctly inspired by vintage cameras. With the available aperture fixed at f/8 and a shutter speed of 1/100 (N), the Caspian collection allows for creatives to visually capture their striking surroundings. As far as fisheye cameras go, the Caspian series is definitely worth consideration.