8 Fierce Tips to Rock out Firefox

 - Sep 23, 2008
References: techradar
Make your Firefox browser blazingly fast by using these eight tweaks. They're so simple even, I can do them.

Oh, about that caution splash that says something about "warranty," (I didn't really read it) just click "OK." It will be alright, I promise. You have to descend into the bowels of Firefox, but it's all spelled out very carefully.

1. Enable pipelining
2. Render quickly
3. Faster loading
4. No interruptions
5. Block Flash (I didn't do this because Flash is my friend)
6. Increase the cache size
7. Enable TraceMonkey (I didn't do this either because I wasn't in the mood for monkey business)
8. Compress data (nope, I don't know POP, parent proxies, IMAP and all that stuff.)

I've been running with these tweaks all morning and FF is faster and stabler.