The Firearc Mixes Chemical Agents Upon Twisting a Cap

 - Oct 16, 2013
References: yankodesign
The Firearc is a way to prevent fire extinguishing devices from ever leaking or malfunctioning in the event of an emergency.

Because content packed in a compressed gaseous state inside a fire extinguisher for a prolonged period of time is more prone to faulty malfunctions, the solution, according to designer Eason Chow, is to separate the reactive agents of acid and carbonate salts in individual vacuum states to drastically extend its shelf life. Creating an instant chemical reaction by a simple twist action of the top cap, which has a pressure meter to indicate its readiness, to produce massive amounts of carbon dioxide can streamline the use of the Firearc.

The separation of the substances in a non-pressurized form ensures that once the chemicals reaction to form carbon dioxide in a vacuumed state, the chances of the fire extinguisher failing due simply to expiration is greatly minimized.