This Waterproof Fire Starting Kit Will Last You a Lifetime

Fort Standard designed the Life Is Precious Survival Kit for the Handmade Exhibition in Milan last Spring but the product wasn’t actually for sale. After receiving an insane amount of requests for the product, 'Fire' was made, a dialed down version of the original survival kit.

Fire is a small waterproof fire starting kit that includes strike-anywhere matches and a cotton ball that can be used as tinder. The fire starting kit is a stylish cylinder machined from a single piece of brass. The words "fire, light and warmth and strike on bottom" are the only things etched into the brass. As the etchings instruct, the bottom of the brass is coarse enough to use as a place to strike your match. Fire is made in Queens, New York and is sure to last a whole lot longer than any regular box of matches.

The rustic-luxury look of Fire is perfect to keep around the house as well as being a perfect way to add some functional style to your fire starting kit.