The Finger-Nose Stylus Lets You Use Your Touch-Screen Gadgets in the Tub

 - Apr 30, 2011
References: variationsonnormal & uniquedaily
I could see hardcore texters and tweeters making the Finger-Nose Stylus one of the best-selling smartphone accessories of all time. The Finger-Nose Stylus was designed by Dominic Wilcox as a way for him to use his touchscreen smartphone in the bath without getting it wet.

The Finger-Nose Stylus is a stylus mounted into a plastic nose conveniently covered in little hairs. The device makes you look almost like a dog while wearing it, but thankfully there wouldn't be anyone to judge you in the situations you'd use it in (taking a bath, on the toilet, et cetera). Unfortunately for the aforementioned texters and tweeters, it seems like this design is nothing more than a joke meant to poke fun at people who can't seem to ever put their smartphones down.