Artist Takumi Reinterprets Mad Max Using Ancient Hieroglyphs

 - Aug 26, 2015
References: madmaxmovie & kotaku
It's not often you see a film retelling done in hieroglyphs, but thanks to talented Japanese artist Takumi you can now enjoy the iconic film Mad Max: Fury Road told as it might be if it took place in ancient Egypt. The striking illustrations capture the essence of the story and relate back to popular themes, characters and story arches using solely images.

While Mad Max: Fury Road doesn't have any themes that relate to Egypt the story translates well to this ancient form of scripture. The illustrations follow conventional hieroglyphic styles by showcasing the characters from side profiles, highlighting symbolizing and telling various stories all in one still tableaux. The images show popular characters from the film battling with aliens in a hierarchical tier structure filled with color and detailed illustrations.