The Fido Chair and Pet Kennel Invites Master and Mutt to Sit Together

 - Mar 9, 2014
If you've got one of those delightfully devoted dogs that won't leave your side, you'll appreciate the idea behind the Fido Chair and Pet Kennel and easily picture it within your home. Davide Giulio Aquinas knows how much some pups like to curl up under chairs and desks to get closer to their masters, so this hybrid dog house and seating object is quite the clever concept.

Instead of comprising four legs, the wooden chair's support structure would consist of three walls and an open facade. The front would feature an arch to allow your furry friend in and out of the chamber beneath the seat. The Fido Chair and Pet Kennel has been dreamed up with colorful paint finishes and comfy cushions with shingle patterns to emphasize the housy reference.