These Graphically Illustrated Bookmars are a Project for FIAC 2015

 - Oct 30, 2015
References: akatre &
In honor of FIAC 2015 -- the Exhibition of International Contemporary Art held annually in Paris -- the design studios of Arjowiggins and Akatre collaborated to create this collection of beautifully designed bookmarks.

The bookmarks feature intricate, abstract patterns of embossed, gilded numbers. The numbers don't appear to be in any particularly logical pattern, but rather are used as pure adornment. The textures and metallic shades of the numbers vary throughout the bookmark collection. Each bookmark is printed on intensely colored, sturdy paper.

FIAC 2015 features a range of products, great and small, by contemporary international artists. It's a fascinating look at the best and the worst of modern art and allows a glimpse into what the future of popular aesthetics will look like.