Kourellas' Feta Cheese Snacks Come in Seven Seasoned Varieties

Greece's Kourellas makes a 90-gram feta cheese snack called 'Feta Bites,' which offer an easy way to satisfy one's desire for nourishment and good taste on the go.

The Feta Bites come in a plain variety, as well as seasoned snacks such as Garlic & Pepper, Greek Herbs, Poppy Seed, Sesame, Smoked and Tomato & Oregano. These single-serve portable snack containers contain bite-sized snacks that are entirely free from additives, colorings, flavorings, thickeners, stabilizers, sweeteners and preservatives. As Kourellas puts it, "It's only natural."

As well as being interested in ultra-portable protein-rich snacks, many consumers are now becoming increasingly conscious of what ingredients have been left out of the product, in addition to scrutinizing the quality of the ingredients listed on a package.