The Ferrari 612 GTO III Imagines a Modern Day 250 GTO

 - May 25, 2017
References: & carbuzz
True Ferrari enthusiasts will be able to recognize the inspiration behind the Ferrari 612 GTO III. The concept car, designed by rendering artist Sergiy Dvornytskyy, takes its name from two of the automaker's models. Those would be the 612 and the iconic 250 GTO. In terms of looks the Ferrari 612 GTO III looks nothing like the 612. It does however have bits of the 250 GTO in its DNA, with the rear end and roofline a clear tribute to the classic car.

There is no mention by Dvornytskyy as to what is powering his concept. A good guess would be a burly V12 engine of some sort. Unfortunately the Italian company already makes a front-engined car with a V12, which makes it unlikely that the Ferrari 612 GTO III would ever see the light of day. Still, it's nice to stare at and wonder "what if?"