Federico Cola by Sven Baenziger Casts Captivating Bait

These irresistible images of Federico Cola by Sven Baenziger provide the viewer with a scene that I could watch every day if I lived by the sea. The foxy male model is captured between the beach and a sailboat, carrying on with his share of seafaring labor and sand-sprawling relaxation.

Isa Petereit styled the editorial with the sense to offer glimpses of the stud's washboard abs, muscular arms and legs and the rugged face stubble. Working in the sun on an old ship and in the shallows near the shore with traps and nets, the subject exudes strength and seductive appeal. Federico Cola by Sven Baenziger appeared in Best Fashion, and with 12 spreads, you can be sure it's the feature that succeeds most at hooking the eyes.