Branding for Alexander McQueen Home Products Incorporates Plumage

 - Jan 7, 2015
References: & packagingoftheworld
Have you ever seen feathered packaging before? Designer Shar Biggers dreamed up an utterly fabulous concept for a line of Alexander McQueen home products that flaunts an eccentric style much like the fashion designer's own. The usual card paper was used to construct the main body of each of these unique boxes, but exuberant accents with an unexpected material were a necessity.

McQueen's obsession with the grotesque is well represented in these containers for a candle, a table runner and a set of dishes. The final look is certainly rich and ravishing, yet it was actually pigeon feathers that helped to produce it. Taking plumes from what many consider to be a very dirty bird, Shar used black dye to render them elegant. The feathered packaging closes with laced cords, reminiscent of a vintage corset. Gorgeous.