Redditor Codedheart Posts Friend's Photos of Bubbles Icing Over

 - Jan 21, 2014
References: reddit & mymodernmet
The winter this year has been such a cold one, that it has inspired such projects as the feathered frozen bubbles photo series. Although this isn't the first time a person has taken shots of frozen bubbles, it does depict the frosting over in a much more linear fashion. By doing so, people are able to appreciate the feathering effect the icy conditions place on these stunning bubbles.

Captured by a friend of Redditor Codedheart, the feathered frozen bubbles photo series takes place as the sun sets in the background. This golden light gives the bubbles a romantic glow that enhances their ethereal quality even further. These patterns could easily inspire the design of a fashion line or the print on textiles for the home.