These Fashion Photographs Feature Sequins Sewn Onto the Images

 - Sep 2, 2014
References: maurizio-anzeri & lanciatrendvisions
The GLITZ fashion photographs cleverly juxtapose modern technology with craftsmanship to create a series of striking editorial images that have sequins directly embroidered onto the paper. The striking contrast between the photographs and the textured materials creates a new way for viewers to experience looking at fashion.

While most consumers expect to experience editorials and advertisements simply by looking, the GLITZ image series also incorporates the sense of touch. The black and white images of high fashion models are filled with embroidered rows of technicolor sequins layered over top of the images. The sequins are meant to represent the clothing of the models that viewers can physically touch and engage with. The striking juxtaposition of photo composition and embroidery is an interesting way to fuse modern fashion with an avant-garde aesthetic.