The Fashion Gone Rogue 'White Noise' Editorial Stars Emily Schofield

Fashion can be a playful pastime, which the Fashion Gone Rogue 'White Noise' online editorial shows. Instead of adhering to stale styles and boring wardrobes, this photo shoot shows that people can experiment with what they have. It encourages bright colors, clashing patterns and an overall disregard for the norm.

Shot by Tim Ashton, the Fashion Gone Rogue White Noise editorial stars model Emily Schofield. Although the shoot itself is very simple with only black or grey backdrops, its wild and eccentric ensembles are all that is needed to draw in an audience. Stylist Jessica Roberts put together the eclectic looks while the teased hair was styled by Luke Davis and natural makeup by Desiree Wise.

The Fashion Gone Rogue White Noise editorial shows what this spring will be all about.