The Fangoria Fanzine Kill Off Innocent Gingerbread Men

The Fangoria Fanzine is notorious for their horror and slasher films. This season they add a little horrific fright to a timeless Christmas icon.

Gingerbread men are usually known for their sweetness, literally and figuratively. The joys of decorating the decadent gingerbread man has been a holiday past-time for many Christmas's past and many Christmas' to come, but this year, the loyal gingerbread man has gone bad. Fangoria Fanzine remixed the traditional candy wearing gentleman for billboard advertising representing the Zulu Alpha Kilo ad agency. The generous gingerbread man is seen on a variety of billboards committing three different malicious murders -- one including a toaster! This slightly Christmas friendly advertisements are sure to give anyone a little horrific holiday scare.

I just hope that when a good gingerbread goes bad, it isn't gone forever.