The 'Torus' Fan Lamp Provides Illumination and Heat Relief

 - Apr 22, 2016
References: & yankodesign
The need for dual-purpose products is becoming more apparent as consumers shift to focus more intensely on efficiency; the 'Torus' fan lamp is designed with this aesthetic in mind.

Designed by Byeongjun Kim, the 'Torus' features a fan section on an electromagnetic rail system that allows it to operate much more silently than other fans on the market. Capable of being bent and shifted to offer a breeze or illumination, the 'Torus' is outfitted with a strip of LED lights for eco-friendly operation.

The design of the 'Torus' fan lamp allows the blades to operate in either clockwise or counter-clock wise orientations. This enables air to either be pushed up or down to allow for a customized form of heat relief during warm weather.