This Messaging Service is Designed to Bridge Generational Gaps

 - Jun 24, 2015
References: facebook & wired
Bloom is a new family-friendly messaging system that is designed to be used by both younger and older generations. The tool was developed by Keith Kocho after he noticed that it can be difficult for many families to agree on a common medium of communication. His goal was to build a new service that would help bridge the technological divide between generations.

Bloom is made up of an on-screen messaging system, an app and a wearable device. The screen acts as a static appliance similar to a TV. When the person wearing the band comes close enough to the screen, the display will begin showing a stream of images added by family members using the Bloom app. The system thus acts as a personal social network for family members.

While there are a number of other digital communication tools available to consumers, Bloom is the first family-friendly messaging system that is easy enough for older and younger family members to use.