Motoyuki Daifu Bares All With His Intimate Photography Series

Motoyuki Daifu's family photography differs from the shiny, happy family portraits we're used to seeing. In an age of Facebook and Instagram, it's rare that we ever get to see things as they truly are, warts and all. Instead, we're seeing filtered, edited snippets of a bigger picture. On social media, everyone's lives seem to be absolutely Amazing with a capital A.

In contrast, Daifu's shots of his cluttered, chaotic home life (he lives with seven others and a cat) stick out like a sore thumb. He explains, "My mother sleeps every day. My dad does chores. My brothers fight. There are trash bags all over the place. Half-eaten dinners, cat poop, mountains of clothes: this is my lovable daily life, and a lovable Japan."

The intimate 'Project Family' series, which features the tagline "The family is a pubis, so I cover it with pretty panties," will be exhibited at LA's Little Big Man Gallery on July 19th.