This Fall Soup Features Smoked Cheddar and Frothy Brew

Foodies looking for a delicious way to warm up this fall season can do so with this Smoked Cheddar and Pumpkin Beer Soup by the Suburban Soap box food blog. The recipe expertly uses pumpkin beer in cooking to create a rich, aromatic and robust meal that is both hearty and super tasty.

The recipe uses a spiced pumpkin beer to add more flavor to the soup and create a rich, creamy broth. The recipe calls for a base made from celery, onions, garlic and chicken stalk that is then turned creamy with flour, butter, cream and white as well as smoked cheddar. The brother is further enhanced by the addition of a spiced pumpkin beer and nutmeg to give it an autumnal flavor range. To serve the dish is topped with crispy bacon bits.