The Fall of the Dinosaurs Uses Dominos to Show an Epic Extinction

 - Oct 2, 2012
References: cheezburger & gizmodo
Uploaded by YouTube user FlippyCat, The Fall of the Dinosaurs demonstrates what the extension level event that wiped out the thunder lizards might look like if the world was composed entirely out of dominos.

Although many dinosaurs probably only experience a few brief moments of blast waves and blazing heat before they were wiped out by a colossal asteroid impact, it took a team of stackers over 38 hours to recreate the scene using a 3D domino layout.

The video itself is quite entertaining as you watch a domino asteroid collide with a domino Earth and bear witness to a triceratops trio literally fall to pieces. What's even more impressive is the time-lapse video tacked on at the end which reveals the painstaking process process required to stack the thousands of dominos horizontally and vertically in a pattern that allows them to all come crashing down in sequence.