Amazon is Fighting Fake Reviews with Artificial Intelligence

 - Jul 6, 2015
References: cnet & psfk
In an effort to weed out fake reviews, online retailer Amazon is utilizing artificial intelligence. This will ensure users read real, verified and truly helpful product reviews and combat inflated ratings. Previously star ratings were an average of all reviews, which gave fake reviews a lot of influence. In addition to implementing this new AI-based learning system, Amazon also sued several several alleged fake review websites earlier this year.

The artificially intelligent algorithm will work best over time, so immediate effects won't immediately be recognizable. The new system will not just be able to identify astroturfing (fake grassroots campaigns where marketers post fake and inflationary reviews or pay users to), but also differentiate between original products and updated models sold in the same listing.

Consumers often rely on customer reviews when it comes to online shopping. More accurate reviews will improve trust, especially among those who value and prioritize transparency.