Faith-Ann Young Captures Themes of Fantasy & Freedom

 - Nov 13, 2013
References: faithannyoung
The photography portfolio of Faith Ann Young shows her love of color, boldness and reveals instances of American idealized motifs. The photographer appears to be constantly drawn toward people who are rebels, underdogs, artists and disruptors of their industry and it comes out in her work. These photographs capture the beauty of each subject’s character and tells a piece of their story.

The photographs are bold, vibrant and have lots of high contrast color, which helps convey the passion of the subjects to the viewer. Aside from the more exotic and cultural photographs, there are also celebrity photographs. The variety of characters in the series go hand in hand with the reoccurring motif of freedom of expression, creativity and ambition. Artists like Justin Timberlake, Grimes and MIA are in Young’s collection. Although they are pop stars, their music and their fashion style evoke a strong sense of culture.

The photography of Faith Ann Young truly shows her vision for the bizarre and original and her photographs hold nothing back from revealing these artists’ creative expression.